POTUSnews is a news service that delivers content related to the President of the United States of America.
POTUSnews' mission is to report news and facts with no bias.
No. Membership is not required to access POTUSnews. However, the content is only delivered via the app (iOS and Android), which costs only 0.99!
Correct. There is not membership to access the content. The 0.99 price is to help maintain the service and keep the lights on.
Currently POTUSnews is a team of one. Yes, you read it right. I read, analyze, write and publish. Hence the massive app fee.
At the moment, no. Once the app gains traction and the reader base increases, hiring will take place.
I gather information through various sites, domestic and international.
Yes, you can. Please use the Contact PN page to submit any content you would like to see in the app. Please keep in mind, that the content will be vetted, filtered and edited as needed prior to being published.
I strive to publish clean posts. There will be no commentary or personal views included in any post read on the app. If you feel that a post has breached this rule, please by all means, send me an email and point it out. It will be corrected immediately.