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The WhiteHouse Facebook feed

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The President’s Twitter feed is one of the most accurate and up to date tools provided to the People at any time.

Mr. Trump keeps all of us abreast of all that takes place during his presidency.

As such, the app provides access to both feeds utilized by the President:
@POTUS and @realDonaldTrump.

Executive orders are orders issued by United States Presidents and directed towards officers and agencies of the U.S. federal government. Executive orders have the full force of law, based on the authority derived from statute or the Constitution itself.

The Executive Order page will provide you with an up to date count and directly link you to the PDF versions of the orders from the Federal Register.

As with the President’s Twitter feed, his Facebook food up to date as well.

The app provides access to both feeds utilized by the President:
@POTUS and @DonaldTrump.

The First Lady utilizes her own Twitter and Facebook feeds under @FLOTUS.

POTUSnews has direct links into both feeds.

To provide a more rounded picture of the POTUS, FLOTUS and White House happenings, the app has access to both Twitter and Facebook White House feeds.

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